• Clean up as much physical debris from area
  • Apply Rocky's Magic Spotter to Spot
  • Blot Spot with Clean Cloth
  • Apply as needed
  • Avoid rubbing on spot, as well as over wetting spot to prevent any damage

In a world full of options and chemicals, Rocky's Magic Spotter is an all-natural and all-purpose answer. Rocky's Magic Spotter is composed of 2 simple ingredients: Vinegar and Water. Making it a great non toxic, organic cleaner. Rocky's Magic Spotter is not only safe for your carpet, but it is also safe for your family and pets.

About Rocky The Pug

Rocky is a 5 year old pug. He loves all people and dogs! When he's not making messes on his carpet at home, he enjoys walks through town with his German Shepherd bff, playing tennis ball at the dog park, kayaking, and being an overall good boy. Although he does not clean carpet, you can meet Rocky the Pug at Public events!


Rocky's Magic Spotter


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